Day 1 consisted primarily of getting our thoughts and creativity started and narrowing down what kind of design we wanted to go after.

To kick-start our creativity we started the day with a couple of brainstorm exercises. Starting with the word speaker, we took turns in typing down the first association that popped into our mind and then sent on the note to the next person.

Thought kick-start. Some of the words are marked and typed on the right side of the paper. These were later on used as inspiration for some of the very first sketches.

We moved on with a more traditional brainstorm trying to get some more concrete ideas on the table. These we organized in categories with whatever seemed to fit together and ended up folding out as a tree.


Then we moved on to look more into the three types of speakers we had to choose from, respectively: kitchen use, children’s room and office desktop. To get a clearer idea of what the three categories would entail, we brainstormed on the topic “wich requirement does the three types of speakers imply”. From this we ended up realising  and deciding on that the kitchen speaker has more needs to live up to, and therefore would be the coolest challenge.

From here on we started sketching, taking inspiration from some of the words we found in our thought kick-start and those you can see here below.

1. idegenerering.jpg
First sketches. Here shown a selection of the very first sketches made after the brainstorm. Some of them with inspiration from the thought kick-start.

At the end of the day we decided to prepare at least three new sketches for next time, with drafts for the kitchen speaker.



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