In the beginning of this week we presented the ideas that we had worked on at home. Some uf us had prepared sketches while others had made CAD-files. Different idead were brought up. All the ideas can be found by clicking on this link: (gallery) Therefore we found out that in order to be able to select between the ideas we needed to make a requirement specification.

Specification of requirements:

  • Must hang on the wall
  • Must have a turn on/turn off button
  • Hard surface with holes to cover the front (makes it easier to clean the front)
  • It must be able to take down from the wall and place it on the table


  • Should be turnable
  • Must contain a button to the volume up and down
  • Air insuction hole
  • Jackstick port
  • Change songs on the loudspeaker
2. idegenerering rigtig2.jpg
Selection of ideas. Above shown a selection of the concepts that were chosen with the requirement specification in mind.
The most discussed CAD-file

Through discussion of the ideas we agreed on a koncept. The sketch below is the first drawing of the concept.


Concept description:

We are developing this concpept in order to be seen in two situations.

  1. Hanging on the wall
  2. Placed on a flat surface

It is important that the appearance of the loudspeaker is different whether it is hanging on the wall or placed on a table.

Seen from the front the loudspeaker is an elongated hexagon. While hangin on the wall you are able to turn the loudspeaker in the direction you want. This mechanism makes it possible for you to “customize” in which direction the sound is spread in the room. In this case the longer side is parallel to the vertical axis.

When placed on the table the longer side is parallel to the horisontal line and sending the sound in an angle upwards.

Finally we were able to continue sketching and develop the idea in order to start 3D-printing the first round.

The first print. The first print consisted of 3 small prototypes where we experienced with shapes and angles.
Result of the first print seen from the front
Result of the first print seen from the back

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