From the first three 3D printed prototypes we could now easily discuss shapes and what we liked and not.

Furthermore we had some new sketches to take into discussion, but ended up talking much more about the physical shapes. We realized these were much more tangible to make decisions from.

New sketches and first 3D print. 

We could quite quickly conclude that the asymmetric shape that we printed wasn’t asymmetric enough, and if we wanted to continue with this idea it had to be much more exaggerated. It ended up looking like an unintended mistake which is definitely not preferable, see number 1 on picture below. While talking about the other prints we decided to make yet another small prototype of a more exaggerated asymmetric shape to clarify whether this should be our way forward.

Numbered first prototypes.

Meanwhile we could make some decisions about the rest of the design. The overall attitude was that the front of prototype 2 was the best because it had a more pointed angle at the top than the others. The back from prototype 3 was the favourite, mainly because of the diamond shape it had up towards the handle. We decided on rounding the edges with around 2 mm, since it gives the look of being sharp and still aren’t pointy enough for the user to cut themselves on them. Even though we had first thought it was a good idea to 3D print the front cover we realized that it would

Applying front cover with magnets.

have to be printed in 2 parts or more, no matter what. This would make it quite difficult to get an even and flat surface, and it would be much easier, for instance, to laser cut a front sheet. Here we came up with an idea of having a front cover with pattern that could be customized by the user. We would create different designs that users could choose from, and users could even design their own laser cut file and replace the standard one. The front would simply be mounted with magnets and would the be very easy to clean, replace and shift up with different customized designs.

Collecting the thoughts. Sketching while developing the new team favourite.

As shown on the picture above we wanted to let the handle go all the way through the 3D printed part which will also make it easier to mount. The main thought is that this will be made of wood, and we thought it would be a nice detail for it to show in the bottom and top.

Overall design. The final sketch of the day which will be basis for the 3D model.

We ended up with a final structure and how we wanted the design to be as the one shown on the drawing above. We talked a bit about how the inner structure should look, and decided to have a laser-cut mdf sheet, or whatever material, to mount the speakers to. This would make it easier to have a planar surface and is easier to mount on with screws. We ended the day with starting the 3D print of the asymmetric shape and dividing small tasks for next time. These including having a 3D printable file for friday, making the calculations on air-intake for optimal sound, specifying inner geometry and mounting of parts, generating ideas for front cover and of course blogging.


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