To give some reflections on this project we first have to take a look at the requirements and criteria we first defined for the project. Heres a recap on the specifications:

Specification of requirements:

  • Must hang on the wall
  • Must have a turn on/turn off button
  • Hard surface with holes to cover the front (makes it easier to clean the front)
  • It must be able to take down from the wall and place it on the table


  • Should be turnable
  • Must contain a button to the volume up and down
  • Air insuction hole
  • Jackstick port
  • Change songs on the loudspeaker

So looking back at this our final result is what we could call ok, maybe not fantastic. One of the requirements was not met which was having a turn on and of button. The reason this requirement was not met was because we did not know that this is not a feature we can incorporate in to the software. Further more we found out we were not allowed to cut over the wire that was handed out. The bright side is that it his possible to the unplug it and hereby turn of the speaker.

Apart from that all of our other requirements were met such as hanging on the wall, having a hard surface that you can even change if it gets too greasy or breaks. The last requirement was letting the speaker be able to both hang on the wall and lay on a table. This requirement and solution actually just helped develop and give extra value to the design since we aimed for the idea of very different expressions in the two situations. This made us come up with the idea of customized covers, which then just added an extra dimension to the changeability and customization dimension.

Moving on to the criteria we have accomplished one of five, which was enabling the speaker to be turned in different directions. The other ones were not met which is primarily due to overly ambitious goals and perhaps a bit too optimistic on our packed time schedules. These would all have been really awesome features and if we were to continue working on the project these would be the next steps. The air insuction hole was not executed since our mounting surface was quite thin, and this would have to mean that we had to incorporate a tube that would both be hard to fit in to our shape and we estimated that this would not give us enough benefit to weigh up how much it compromised the aesthetics.

If we look a bit on the things we had to optimize for from the project description both the size, the aesthetics, the weight has turned out really well. The durability aspect has been approached more in a sense of making it able to change components if they are broken. The internal design could probably have been given some more thought but turned out good in the end.

As some may have discovered the visual expression and aesthetics turned out to have quite a big role in our process. Even though this has never been a written down criteria it has still been used in a lot of our argumentation. This has also turned out in a very succesful satisfying solution, which we are very proud of.


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