We are designing a smart locker system

One of the first things we did to create an overview on the tasks in front of us, was to make a State Diagram and a Sequence Diagram of the needed functions.

img_0864.jpgimg_0863.jpgFurthermore we reflected upon what functions could make the user-journey more pleasant, optimizing the ease of use, and how to make the locker work optimal if it was implemented at DTU (large scale)


  1. Storing user name paired with a locker number, so the user can easily find his or her locker. If the user scans a locker that is not his own locker it will tell which locker number that is the right one. Another possibility is that the system could send an e-mail to the user with the right locker number. This would also prevent thievery if the card was used by someone else.
  2. If you lose your card it should be possible to unlock the locker through the app.
  3. Giving another person acces to your own locker either by applying a second user or by unlocking the locker on time base from the app.
  4. Should the locker be locked or unlocked when it is not in use?
  5. Group lockers – giving access for several users which would be an advantage in group projects.
  6. Timer. User recieves a message if the locker has not been onlocked for three months
  7. Limit switch to register if the locker is completely closed before it can lock.



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