Last week we got an overview, and therefore people had the opportunity to look at the different elements from home. When we met Wednesday week 2 of the project, we had a working servomotor, responding to the webpage.

During the day we split up, one group looking at the circuit including, OLED, RFID and locking-mechanism, putting it all together. The other group looked at the NodeRed. During the day we made progress assembling the circuit, and were able to scan our student cards and get a message on the Cloud MQTT.


We also developed quite a bit on our NodeRed. Using the state diagram as a check list, we build our features starting with “serial number” where the information from scanned student card will appear. We started with the possibility “is locked” worked one step at a time, and then moved on to “is open”, which is still under construction.

Skærmbillede 2017-05-03 kl. 14.02.20

The next step will be to finish the software in the NodeRed and the circuit, and get the the two systems to work together. Also we will begin the making the physical prototype.


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