This week we continued trying to solve our problems with the electrical cirquit. The problems involve reading messages from the MQTT.

We started discussing more concrete details about the shaping of the locker which ended out in laser cutting the final case. Below are some sketches of how to shape the front door.


We decided on a solution with a rounded door and the front part cut in two pieces. The narrow part of the front will be mounted permanently to the locker and will serve as mounting surface for all the electronics. It is wider at the top because it seems more intuitive to scan your card at the top of the locker plus this will give the widest opening at the bottom of the locker. This is means users will have the possibility to slide their stuff into the locker with the widest angle possible. We decided to have the narrow rounded part mounted both in top and bottom for better support angles. We further tested if you could scan your studentcard through a 6 mm plate which was no problem at all. Therefore we decided to make engraving of a wifi symbol, which would be where the RFID would be placed. Further we cut out a small hole for the OLED.  

To make sure the laser cutting file was ok we made a test on cardboard. Luckily everything was good and we could lasercut the 6 mm plywood right away.20170504_111251

IMG_6473We further came up with the idea of putting pineapples as decoration on the locker and it is now a potential logo. It is also possible to extend the idea of giving lockers standing in larger sections to have different fruits and maybe even adding different colors to these to make it easier for the user to find his or her locker again. Not that we would have to create different fruits for 200 lockers, but you usually remember what area your locker was located and whether your locker was in the top or bottom so we could settle with just a few different ones.

One of the sides are made see through which is only meant for the prototype, which makes it possible to see how the mechanism works from the inside.


20170505_021007.jpgStarting on NodeRed again we struggled a lot just getting it to work the way it did last week. We were tipped to change our structure, and instead of asking the locker state first, we should ask whether the user is in the database. We used a lot of time getting this up and running again but finally came to a solution. Later on we added some of the updates we got in class and ended the week out with a diagram shown below.

Skærmbillede 2017-05-07 kl. 19.37.35

This week we also managed to create the locking mechanism see picture below.


Here is an idea for the handle. We do also have a handle at home to use, but this also looks quite cool, and might be very easy to implement/ mount.


At the end of this week we had a locker which is close to ready in its physical form. We still need to fix the code, NodeRed and mount all the electricity. Further some details on how to mount on the white walls i Skylab will have to be specified and implemented.20170505_141725.jpg



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