The average person spends more than half of his day indoors. Therefore a good indoor climate is essential. Indoor climate affects health issues such as allergies, concentration problems and tiredness. A good and stable indoor climate gives an overall feeling of wellbeing.

To insure this we have developed a concept being a user interactive device that secures a stable and healthy indoor climate by responding to humidity, temperature and pollution inside and outside homes. The device is connected to a window that opens if needed in order to obtain a better indoor climate for general health.

The first brain storm exploring different possibilities for the device

Result from brain storming about the concept

Concept features

The concept consists of two main parts, an interface device containing the sensors and the mechanism that automatically opens and closes the window.

We want the device to be able to sense the following about the inside climate:

  • Amount of dust in the air
  • Indoor temperature
  • Humidity
  • (CO2)

We want the device to collect the following data about the outside climate (json objects):

  • Pollen count
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Furthermore we want to implement an a user interface regulation regarding on/off mode, allergy mode and preferred temperature regulations. The screen should be able to display the room temperature, humidity and air quality.

The open/close mechanism includes a servo motor, toothed bar and a gear. It should be possible to disconnect the automatic window opener, if the user wants to open the window manually.

We need to prioritize what values that are most important to obtain. For instance if the a person has allergies it is better that the temperature inside is a bit too high compared to opening the window and letting pollen particles in.

We need to investigate the optimal values concerning humidity, temperature CO2 level.

We have done some considerations about security and we have listed the following requirements:

  • It should not be possible to open the window further when it is automatically opened.
  • The window should be locked it is closed.
  • It should only be possible to open the window manually when it is closed.

What do we need?

  • Bread board
  • CO2 sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor (dht11 maybe ?)
  • A toothed bar
  • (Buttons)

What do we have already?

  • Arduino UNO
  • NodeMCU
  • Wires
  • LCD
  • RTC
  • Servo motor


  • Should it be wireless?
  • Application to control the device
  • What if there is a power outage and the window is open?
  • Tell if there are open windows?

3 thoughts on “Smart Climate

  1. Nice work, and I have a few major comments:

    – there are a lot of existing products in this market, that has some or all(most) of the proposed functionality
    – what you want to measure and what you can / want to control does not necessarily correlate
    – Most importantly, I think you will benefit from choosing a topic that is more tightly coupled to ‘healthcare, welfare, and fitness’… Perhaps something, that has a more niche market but with a much-focused value proposition.


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