Since we had some feedback on our initial idea (smart climate) and were advised to choose something else we decided on something completely new. The concept is an interactive step bench with a target market being home fitness.

The first brainstorm for the interactive step bench.

Personal fitness devices are becoming more and more popular and we want to create a device that encourages people to stay fit while having fun. This device will include We want to incorporate an app that helps the user keep track of how many calories they burn, how their friends are doing and even maybe include workout programs.

The main idea includes a step bench and four mats surrounding it. All of the mats and the step bench will have LEDs that light up, guiding the user were to put their feet next. Furthermore a speaker will be included that plays music and the step series tempo will be affected by the beat of the song. We also want to do a beginners version where a new step will not light up before the first step is pushed.

The device will need to sense:

  • Which of the five mats are stepped on and how fast this is done

The outputs from the device will include:

  • Music from a speaker
  • Colorfull LED light guiding the user were to put his/her foot
  • A red light if the user is too slow
  • A countdown before the series begins both with sound and light

We want the user to be able to adjust the volume and furthermore an on/off button on the device. As it is now there is no IoT included in the product, but instead we would like to develop an app from which you can see your highscore. As extra features we would like to include that you can see your activity level, select workout programs for longer periods and control the device in general if time allows it.

After discussing all the ideas from the brainstorm.


What do we already have

  • Joystick
  • Node MCU
  • Button (to detect steps)
  • LCD screen.
  • (Arduino)

What do we need to get

  • Memory card reader
  • LED strips
  • Speakers
  • Mats
  • Wires
  • Amplifier


  • Can we incorporate different games such as: memory game, beginner introduction game, faster and faster.
  • Have the step bench suggest another level if you are doing really good or bad
  • Encouraging sound effects
  • Possibility to choose different levels

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