After our presentation of our new concept last week we got one major critique which we needed to figure our way around. The issue was that our concept did not include any mechanic aspects.

The way we approached this, was by listing all the potentail mechanical movements we could incorporate into our idea. See list on picture below.

List of potential mechanical aspects to incorporate.

We decided to have our step bench to have automatic height adjustment since we found this would give the most value to the product. We thought that automating something would make the most sense, if the product could know more than the user and then help and ease the use. We came up with the idea of having the step bench adjust itself according to the users height and level of expertise. If the user is doing really well then the device will suggest to automatically increase the hight and similarly if the user seemed to be struggling it would suggest to decrease the hight of the bench.

Discussing how to make this mechanism possible we came up with lots of ideas. We were even offered a baselift from Linak to have the main responsibility of the height adjustment, but considering the price of this Linak device itself we chose to decline this kind offer. In the end it would not make sense to have 900 euro part in a step bench, since this is already a price that is way beyond what we expected the final product to cost. Instead we decided on a principle inspired by an Ikea stool shown on picture below.

Overview of discussed mechanical solutions.

To get a better overview of our product and the intentions we have with it we listed people, action, context and scenario regarding the step bench, see picture below. The actions marked with a bullet are aspects that are ‘nice to have’ and not deadly necessary for the product to perform its’ primary function.

Overview of product specifications.

Speaking of aspects that would be nice to have, we have found that our product has quite many of these. Therefore we have created a prioritized list of all of these so it will be easy to choose a ‘nice to have’ feature from the top of the list and just get started on that. See picture below.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-06 kl. 11.46.08

Initially we had thought of the step bench to have some sort of display and interface with buttons to operate and adjust the device, but we came up with a different idea. The step bench has build in sensors to detect when a pad is stepped on, which we planned to be buttons so why not use these as buttons to operate the selections.

We also created a timetable for the following three weeks which can be added to as the project moves forward.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-06 kl. 09.32.58
Project timetable

Lastly we ended this week purchasing the electrical components we needed and have the Skylab staff purchase some materials for the mechanical part.




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