Today two of us spent the whole day in the workshop making the lifting mechanism, that we drew a CAD model of yesterday.


The legs: 
First we made the six legs carrying the construction (and the weight of the person stepping on the bench). These needed to be angled 30 degrees from vertical direction, and measure the length 220 mm. We polished the metal to make sure it could be welded.


The support plates:
To support the structure two triangle plates is welded to the legs. It is also in these plates the nut will be places. We used a grinder to cut out the triangles and drilled a hole for the nut.

The welding:
The whole structure was welded together, to ensure a stabil and robust structure. The legs are welded on the top support plate and through the bottom support plate. The nuts are welded in the holes. This makes a structure that lets the Thread drive up and down when turned, while the structure is stationary.


The (almost) final construction:


To be done:
We still need to get the gears that will be mounted on the bottom of the thread, and the belonging timing belt.

One of the weldings were a bit off, and the thread cannot move. What will we do about this?

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