Yesterday we made the second prototype of the step plate.

On out last prototype we stated that the frame of the step plate was too wide, but since we also need LED light inside the frame we actually decided to keep the frame size and make a slot in the middle to the LED strip.

Therefore we started drawing the parts inorder to make a CAD model and explore both some colours.

Some of the parts turned out to be overkill when we made the prototype.

When drawing the parts in CAD and making an assembly this is what the prototype looks like.
Top left: Bottom plate, top middle: Frame (6mm), top right: frame (3mm), bottom left: LED cover freme, bottom middle: top rame, bottom right: step plate

Assembling these parts we got our newest prototype:

On top of the step plate we plan to attach a no friction surface
Inside the frame the LED is attached. On the left side of the photo you see the port where we are planning to let the electricity enter.

Efter making the prototype we made some further corrections in the drawings to optimize the final prototype.


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