As mentioned in the previous post, one of the supporting structures malfunctioned because of a crooked welding. This was a new obstacle we had to overcome, but luckily the team made a great discovery, when they were looking for motors!

This motor was taken from a trashed table with a build in lifting mechanism – could it be more perfect? Of course it could… If we wanted to use the motors, we would have to rethink the use of them, because of among others stability issues, that could only be solved using part from the table, we could not recover.

After a long discussion about different solutions and possibilities, we decided to go with the motors, but build a scissor lift structure to support the top and lift the bench.


ThisĀ meant we had to start all over at the work shop and buy new components. To get an overview of all these components we made a list of what we needed to make, to get, or had.


We also made a quick CAD drawing of the mechanism to make sure the parts fitted before building the whole thing.

One or two motors?
One of the subjects that were discussed during the building of the construction were whether to use one or two motors. We estimated that one motor could do the job, however the motors were connected, so that we could not move one alone and disconnect the other. Therefore we decided to go with two motors to avoid having to risk defacing the motors.


Now we just wait to the components arrive so we can build a kick-ass lifting mechanism!


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