After our components arrived, we were ready to build our scissor lift.

The first thing we needed to figure out was how to attach the metal parts on the plastic screws, that are the moving parts of the motors. We did this by making a two custom made steel rings with internal threads, that could be mounted to the plastic screws with bolts. The two rings were welded together to secure a stabil structure.

The scissor lift contains both self processed and standard component

Self processed:
Custom made cut and grind metal profiles
Custom made metal rings for mounting
Custom cut hinges
Custom made cut mounting plates
Custom made mount for the motor
Top and bottom plate

Standard components:
Tightening strop
Ball Bearings

IMG_1202.JPGIMG_1165 (2).JPGFullSizeRender (2).jpg

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

After all the components were made and ready to assembly, we made a test assembly. Here we quickly realized that we had to move the holes for the power supplies in the motors from the top to the front – otherwise they couldn’t fit.

img_1202-1.jpg    to    IMG_1185 (1).JPG


After making sure the whole construction would fit, we welded it together


Putting it all together and turning on the motor – we got a working lifting mechanism!


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